Lakota Mission Update

Our team went house to house and  prayed with 62 individuals to receive Jesus. So many of the precious Lakota people are in pain and deep despair resulting mostly from drugs, alcohol, suicide, child & spousal abuse.

We also were mega blessed to be allowed by the village elders to hold our last day revival meeting in their sacred Pow Wow grounds. Before I brought the salvation message, our host warned me that the adult Lakota people  will most likely “stay back” and not come forward to a white man’s altar call. A total of 47 came forward during the altar call to receive Jesus … many were in tears!

After they all prayed to receive Jesus, I asked only those who were battling drugs, alcohol or suicide to remain and the others to be seated. 5 remained on the field for special prayers of deliverance.

The power of God was present and many were set free. One woman left that meeting, went home, loaded her car with all the liquor in her house and off to the dump she went!

It truly was a glorious time. Certainly we faced the normal resistance the enemy always throws, but God showed off His grace in so many ways.

The pastor who hosted us will have his hands full in following up on all the people who received Jesus last week! All glory to God!

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