Bible Reading 2015 - May 20, 2015


This month, Pastors Jim and Jean Brissey were in the state capital of Tallahassee where they were joined by many other pastors and ministers as they took part in reading the entire Bible in one hour.

Damon and Peggy Ordination - January 14, 2014

On January 12, 2014, Pastors Jim and Jean joined Pastors Paul and Dee at The Lighthouse Church to ordain Higher Ground School of Ministry Graduates, Damon and Peggy Hawkins.  Congratulations […]

Shepherd’s Heart - October 31, 2013


crookSeveral weeks ago, I had the great joy of teaching approximately 20 ministry students on the subject of homeless outreach. This is a subject near and dear to our hearts as we started our outreach ministry over 25 years ago serving food in a food line under a bridge in Tampa. Our last homeless outreach in Daytona Beach turned into an avalanche of grace in which we saw not only thousands of hot dogs and hamburgers served but 60 of our homeless guests receive Jesus. We touch the heart of God when we reach out to “the least” among us.

As I was sharing insights about homeless ministry in class, I was most excited about…

Shepherd’s Heart - October 31, 2013


crook“The harvest is plentiful; the workers are few”    Matt. 9:37

How we praise God for the vision the Lord has blessed us with at Higher Ground Ministries and Higher Ground School of Ministry! “Outreach and training outreach ministers”. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it!

By God’s grace, we facilitated 14 outreaches in November and December resulting in 216 people giving their heart to Jesus!

Lakota Mission Update - June 20, 2013


Truly, the Lord blessed our week long mission to the Lakota Indian people in Bullhead, South Dakota.  10 of the 32 missionaries were from Higher Ground (5 were HGSM students).

I couldn’t have been more blessed by our team, especially our HGSM students. Each team member put their ministry training into action and the Holy Spirit blessed.

Congratulations to our HGSM Graduates! - April 8, 2013

hgsm graduates season-1-thumbCongratulations to our first season of Higher Ground School of Ministry Graduates!  On Sunday, March 24th, we licensed 11 graduates and ordained 1 new minister!

December 2012 Outreach Update - January 1, 2013


December was amazing! God’s grace fell like rain on each of 10 outreaches.  We witnessed the Holy Spirit touch and change lives in 3 prisons, 2 nursing homes, a children’s home and the Seafarers – 120 people gave their heart to King Jesus!

Congratulations to our Raffle Winner! - December 25, 2012

vanAnd the winner is….

October 2012 Outreach Update - October 1, 2012


We believe the heartbeat of outreach ministry is ‘going where the Lord says “GO” and doing what the Lord says “DO”. It is in His spirit we have reached out to others:

August 2012 Outreach Update - September 1, 2012

De Colores!

reigninus-smallThe Holy Spirit continues to lead and bless as we answer His call to “outreach and the training of outreach ministers”. Here’s a snapshot of our August outreach activity:

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