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crookSeveral weeks ago, I had the great joy of teaching approximately 20 ministry students on the subject of homeless outreach. This is a subject near and dear to our hearts as we started our outreach ministry over 25 years ago serving food in a food line under a bridge in Tampa. Our last homeless outreach in Daytona Beach turned into an avalanche of grace in which we saw not only thousands of hot dogs and hamburgers served but 60 of our homeless guests receive Jesus. We touch the heart of God when we reach out to “the least” among us.

As I was sharing insights about homeless ministry in class, I was most excited about the field assignment that is part of the homework for Class #32: “Go, with a buddy to Wendy’s – get a bowl of chili and a drink – find a homeless person – give them the chili and pray with the man or woman … and give them an opportunity to receive Christ.” That’s where it’s at! It starts with reaching one! That’s why Jesus told us about “leaving the 99 to reach the one lost sheep!” That’s the heart of God! I actually became giddy with the New Wine of the Holy Spirit as I was teaching the class. I couldn’t help but envision our HGSM ministry students “stepping out of their comfort zone” and discovering the sheer joy of touching a life in such a simple, practical and life changing way!

Praise God for each of our precious HGSM students and graduates who have decided in their hearts to be “fishers of men” and not merely “keepers of the aquarium”!

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