Putnam C.I. – Aug 29, 2011

A team of five went into Putnam Correctional Institute on Monday, August 29th. 102 brothers in blue attended the service, with well over half having never been in a Higher Ground service before. A brother in blue named Darrel Coleman shared his testimony, touching many of the men who had come out, including the team. Billy shared his testimony of God’s faithfulness when he lost his leg.  The Gospel was proclaimed, the net was cast and 40 men came forward to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior! All glory to God!

For Jimmy, one of the team from Higher Ground, it was his first time into Putnam C.I. Jimmy found the experience uplifting and rewarding to be a part of doing work for His kingdom. Jimmy said the outreach to Putnam was really touching as the Holy Spirit led the service, touched the hearts of the men and gave them hope where before there was none.

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